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A New Solution for Deli Case Lighting


Deli cases make a great contribution in food preservation and presentation. And when you consider the presentations of food, one can not ignore is the light.

Code has developed a new LED lighting for a US deli case customer recently. The case uses inner mirror face to present the food. So for presentation, they require the light have no light spot when reflected on the mirror. Meanwhile, the CRI and light color should give the food an attractive look.

As for these requirements, we use the milky cover to prevent the light spot problem and emit an even light on the whole mirror face. Also, for the meat color, we mix the red chips with white chips to make a combination. After repeated testing, the color has been testified to suit the food and increases the attractiveness of natural food.

Code is a professional player in freezer lighting, and is also a player in food lighting. Welcome to consult from us!  


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